2013 Musicbox (musical solo show)
2003 In Progress (concept album)
2001 No Limitation To Love (stage show Pride 2001)
2000 100 Meisterwerke der deutschen Poesie (poetry recitation)
2000 No Angels (single)
1999 Together (compilation "Together For Kosovo")
1999 I'm At Peace (single)
1999 All Said And Done (album)
1999 Show Me (single)
1998 Cry On My Shoulder, All You Need Is Love, Our Time Has Come (compilation GZSZ: I Love You)
1998 Cry On My Shoulder (single)
1998 Closer (compilation GZSZ - Vol. 14: Voll Cool - Die Schnee-CD)
1997 Christmas Time (compilation GZSZ: Merry Christmas To You)
1997 Oops Here We Go! (compilation GZSZ - Vol. 13: Das Fan-Fun-Album)
1997 Do You See The Light (compilation GZSZ - Vol. 12: Summer Sunsation)