I love to sing. And I love all kinds of music.

In my student days I performed a repertoire of jazz-standards and talkie show tunes at parties and openings.
Through my work as an actor musical songs and opera bits were added to that repertoire.
And when I started out as one of main-characters in a long-running TV-show, two albums and a couple of singles were released with pop-music, that was aimed at a young female target audience.

Maybe this sounds like I've 'been there and done it all', but for me it is just the basis for new experiences and challenges.

I pride myself to have a wide vocal range from bass-baritone to counter-tenor at my command, as well as a whole variety of singing styles from operatic to rock.

I'm looking forward to demonstrating these experiences and skills when the occasion arises, or try something completely new, like creating the voice and singing style of an animated character.

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